An Idea Perhaps

As Saturday is looming on the near horizon, with it the start of NaNoWriMo, I have been thinking I may share some excerpts of the novel I’ll be writing each week. Perhaps. It’s not certain yet, and I know it wouldn’t take me long to post, alas there are also Yule gifts for me to knit, and Elder Scrolls Online for me to play.

Thankfully, I got the game last weekend, so I’ve had a week of an enormous amount of playing, and am starting to wind down a bit on the hours spent in game. I suppose I’m also having a last hurrah of not doing so much before next month comes along. There’s just something about Elder Scrolls though, such great story telling mixed with adventuring, or collecting herbs and materials to make things. It’s definitely something for me to do in the winter months where I will no longer really want to be outside for long or often. Especially if this winter proves to be alike to last year’s!

Since having spent four winters away from regular Canadian winters (Vancouver, you are so strange this way, and lovely), I have a feeling it will be interesting to get used to the entirety of it again. I have noticed that in the spring and this fall, I have experienced a week or two of headaches, which I have assumed is the change in barometric pressure, which I never remember experiencing before, so I guess I just have to continue getting used to the harsher weather changes.

Anywho, seeing as this has been a rambling post, I’ll send it out in the world now with this: next month will be deliciously exciting and frustrating. (All the more exciting for working through the frustration).

2 thoughts on “An Idea Perhaps

  1. Oh, barometric-induced headaches, how I love thee! Or, not.

    YAY for NaNo! I’m so excited, terrified, and excited. Woot!

    nothing more coherent to say. Just, yay!


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