PBP – Norse Runes Raidho

Raidho - Unknown artist, if you know who created this, please let me know

Raidho – Unknown artist, if you know who created this, please let me know


Literally: Ride, or Wagon
Associated: Journey

This rune is all about moving forward, moving to the places in life where you are meant to be. It can literally mean a change of physical location, but also a change of lifestyle, of taking action and control over your current situations. Raidho is about being in the moment and being accountable to it, being completely present in it in order to guide it to where you need to be. Leave the heavy baggage that is fear of the future, and weariness of past experiences in order to move forward more effectively.

Actions speak louder than words, and it’s time to take on your role as the leader of your life, whilst also remaining aware of the grander picture (how you effect those around you).

Follow your heart, follow your intuition, move with the world’s rhythm. Pay attention to what pulls you forward in your daily life, there is a compass within us all that points us in the direction we’re meant to go in. When you realize what direction you’re meant to continue on in, don’t hesitate to start moving towards it.

Merkstave (Reversed)
Stasis, stagnation. There is no movement now. It could be a time of crisis, halting you in your tracks. There could also be a need to over control everything, enabling hypocrisy and injustice for yourself and others.

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