VR to Camilla Laurentine: Revivalism and immersive polytheism

Beth does a wonderful job of explaining exactly what I suppose I’ve been doing without knowing it all along. Thanks to Camilla over at Foxglove & Firmitas ( http://notawiccan.wordpress.com/ ) for finding this lovely way of describing what it is that I, and it seems many others do.
As much as I ram against our dire need to fit in boxes for the most part, there is a purpose to it, as we can feel that we are not alone, that we’re not doing it wrong. Words can help define what it is that’s boiling under the surface, to help others come to their realizations and focus in on their own perspectives. This term seems to be so much more inclusive than that of others, which is why I usually don’t get into crazy specifics when defining myself, because I don’t feel like I fit in completely with any one thing.

Anywho, take a look at Beth’s video, and check out her other ones (which have been equally as awesome).

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