In Anticipation of Tomorrow’s PBP Post

I’d like to share a post by Morpheus Ravenna that really ties into the subject of my post I’ll be putting up tomorrow.

So let’s talk about sex and sovereignty. And let’s talk about consent culture. I’ve said before that sovereignty is rooted in the body. That while sovereignty in its traditional sense speaks more directly to the relations of the collective and its leadership, that relationship is a personal delegation of sovereignty by each individual. And thata person who is denied the very sovereignty of their own bodycannot fully participate in collective sovereignty. Sovereignty is a set of interlocking relationships each dependent upon the integrity of its parts for the flow to occur.

I want to unpack that a little bit more. Because this is important. We have to recognize that the fundamental, inviolable unit through which this flow occurs is the body of the individual person. Yes, the body. Sovereignty is not an abstract, it is a living power, and thus rooted in land and body. When the individual participating in this set of relations is not in possession of the sovereignty of their own body, the entire set of relations breaks down. Thus the fundamental ground of sovereignty is the sanctity and inviolability of the body.

You can read the rest of her post here. It is a fantastic, in-depth look at some of the things I’ll be discussing. My post is a little less about the sex part, but it does focus more on women’s (but really all people’s) rights to their own selves (body, mind, soul).


4 thoughts on “In Anticipation of Tomorrow’s PBP Post

  1. Probably stating the fairly obvious to note how repressive societies and regimes seek to subdue women and people’s bodies generally.


    • Alas, it is still so. We think about how free we are now, but you look at modern society and the reactions (especially in women’s cases where we are to blame for what happens to us) to how people do things, and you realize we’re still pretty effed up.


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