Moving Back

It seems that along with moving back to my childhood province, I’m moving my blog back to its original address of
I’m doing this for probably a plethora of reasons, however, all you need to know is that it’s going back, and that’s where you’ll find me 😉

I will update this one for a while, letting you know where to find me at the home site, then I think I will cease after a time, making this blog invisible.

As for other life things, I am still quite busy with finalizing all the planting and digging of my garden. Luckily most every vegetable and berry is in ground, just a few things left, and I’ve just a small amount of a flower bed that needs dug up yet. It’s fairly close to the veg garden, so I’m hoping the bees that will be enticed by the beautiful flowers will also be enticed by the less showy veg flowers.

Other than that, there’s been a garden watering/blessing song devised, and ideas of inspiration for writing. I miss music. It’s been a pretty quiet few years since I’ve been out of school. I’m thinking of using some tarot spreads to weave a story for some songs. Could be interesting!

I hope your spring has sprung, and that you are enjoying the lovely weather (well, I hope it’s lovely, because it’s sure beautiful here!).


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