On Doing

Peggy's Cove - Miaerowyn © 2014

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia – Miaerowyn © 2014

I have finally been able to get out into the yard to start digging for my garden (pictures are sure to follow over the coming growing and harvesting months)! I really planned a huge undertaking for myself, I have to say (perhaps I’ll post the plans for the garden soon), and with the ground being still so muddy and heavy, moving it around has been quite the task. However, I have a ride on mower that I can now use (after two days of digging up the grass and having to wheel-barrow it to various locations on the property) to save my poor arms from the heavy (and I mean super heavy) soil and grass chunks. If you want an idea of how much I have left to do, I’ve just completed one of twelve 4×20 ft beds for all those herbs and vegs.
While it is still a bit cold for this time of year here, I think I’ll be able to grow most, if not all, of the things I have planned (which is a combination of about 66 different herbs and vegetables, not to mention the flowers I’ll be putting into other flower beds).


It is unmeasurably good to be out and doing the things that I’ve been planning, for the garden it’s been a few years. My life is moving again, and I am making the things I want happen. It has been a while, I tell you, and I am glad I am out of the stagnation, though it had its place and I had the time to discover some important things.

It’s so weird thinking of the things I want to do and be doing them within a short amount of time instead of pining and daydreaming about it all. Of course some things don’t happen exactly as I imagine them to, but the process of an idea taking form and evolving into something else that still satisfies me is pretty fantastic.

The other thing I have been thinking about today after a hot shower, is that all this doing takes the thinking away. It takes the daydream and puts it into reality, into the now. There’s no room to think when your body is being used up, when all your brain power is put into moving your muscles to create. You just are, without any social construct, any cultural background, any filters. It releases you. It makes you pure. It makes doing some things you think silly/weird/not me/all the excuses easier because you just don’t tap into all of the things we’re taught to think about ourselves and how others perceive us. All you need to do is make sure you have what you need to do what you’ve been over-planning, and just effing do it. No more excuses. Do it.

I am ever thankful for being able to do what I want, that I can physically, and that I have the materials and tools to do said things. This has been such a productive and plentiful few months since moving back to Ontario. I cannot remember being so busy and so fulfilled in just myself for such a long while. I’m very much looking forward to harvest time, to see what the rest of this turn will be bringing, or what my own hands will make manifest.

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