The Yggdrasil Blanket


It’s all done. Has been for about two weeks. This took so much time, but I am very happy it’s done and that I have it now to send me off into sweet dreams, or revealing some messages I’m being sent.


There has been some serious increase in the amount of meaningful dreams I’ve been having, and a decrease in not so nice dreams.



I also am one of those people who like to meditate laying down, so this is just a perfect blanket all around!

4 thoughts on “The Yggdrasil Blanket

  1. beautiful! You know, I know that one can knit blankets, but I keep in my mind deciding that, no, we can’t do full size ones. Well, why not? I love the pattern, and I love love love the way the colors ripple throughout the whole thing. Beautiful!! (I know I already said that; I don’t care — it is!!)


    • Thanks! 🙂
      I had the same qualms with a knit bed-sized blanket too! I was all iffy on the stretchiness of knit things, and if it would be strange to sleep with, but I am so happy I just hankered down and did it! The original pattern was for a throw, but I just adjusted to fit our bed by laying the pieces on and seeing how many stitches covered what amount of space.
      I am really happy with the way the colours ripple as well, very fitting I think! It reminds me of after sunset on a beach, when the sky is going purple, and there are a few clouds out 🙂


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