Pagan Blog Project – L is for Love

This is sort of in lieu of the post I reblogged: “Why I stay a Pagan”.

I’m obviously not part of all this heated debate and subsequent schoolyard behaviour that tends to happen when things that are near and dear to our hearts are discussed, religious or otherwise. I tend to be of a mind that if it’s heading towards misunderstanding, anger, and then the nasty bits, I stay faaaaar away. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I suppose no matter what subject comes up, there will always be those who resort to bullying, which generally has nothing to do with the subject at hand. While there are definitely those capable of having a heated debate without loosing their heads, for the most part, I feel like those people aren’t as loud as those who tend to hate anything that’s different, to hate that their opinion isn’t right for everyone else. I think as a Pagan, or someone not of one of the big book religions, this is a funny thought pattern to have.

What’s right for me could in no way possible be right for the over 7 billion people in the world, much less all of the Pagans. However we are taught in our North American culture, and I’m sure it’s elsewhere in the world as well, that being wrong is basically a sin. I feel it comes with the good/evil, black/white we’ve seen so long with the big book religions. That and the fact that those religions bombard us with the fact that theirs is the ONLY TRUE WAY. For everyone. Period.

I feel like a lot of people, especially those who tend to get angry and upset and downright hateful and threatening, need to understand that they cannot say that what the Gods have deigned to share with one person on how they should worship, and how to believe, is wrong just because the Gods have not shared that with them. Each of us is here in different lives, with different experiences to pull from. Each of our souls, and thinking minds have been shaped differently by those experiences, and through the time we spend reflecting and going deeper to understanding ourselves, along with the universe and the Gods.
So as similar as our lives can be to others’, the Gods know what is going to pull at our individual hearts, They know what knowledge to bestow upon each of us when, and They know how Their relationships with us changes us.

I think people need to learn to understand, and accept, that ultimately, we are all on our spiritual paths alone. That we come to conclusions that make sense for us as an individual, not thinking for a large group of people. Yes, the things that you have discovered can help inspire others, helping them to delve deeper into their own spirituality. Sometimes they do believe what you do in the end, sometimes it leads them to uncover what is true for them alone.
We need to stay away from thinking that each “sect”, for lack of better word, of paganism has followers that believe in exactly the same things, and worship in exactly the same ways. As a whole. I think all people fit loosely into whatever communal path they’re following, but in the end, our experiences with the Gods are pretty much as different as snowflakes from each other. Specially tailored to resonate at the highest frequency with the one who is doing the experiencing in that moment.


We should do what we do for the love of the Gods, not for validation, or “my witch phallus is bigger than your witch phallus”.


2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – L is for Love

  1. I really like this. Especially the ‘we are all on our spiritual paths alone,’ bit. I endeavor, when talking with other pagans — even when talking with Beth — about pagany stuff as interfaith discussion. Don’t assume a common language, even if the words are the same, they may mean different things to people. I suspect this is where a lot of folks are running into trouble, and it’s unfortunate.


    • Thank you! We gotta remember that as non-mainstream spiritual people, we’re all forging our own paths because we’re choosing to. It seems hipocritical to say to others that their choices are incorrect becaise they don’t work for you. The great thing about finding our own religion is that we find what works for us exactly with the Gods and ourselves as the ultimate authority.

      I quite like what you said about it basically being two different languages that happen to use the same words. That is a perfect analogy!


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