Pagan Blog Project – J is for finding Joy in the Journey

We spend so much time fantasizing and trying to achieve this end goal, the reason why we’re doing all this stuff that we probably aren’t exactly enjoying, or find difficult, or don’t quite understand, yet are still doing it anyway. Well, you may say, but we need that goal, that image of what we could be on that pedestal to know what we have to be doing to get to that end.
Yes, having something to guide your path, to drive you forward through some of the more unpleasant things is good… But we need to be ok with that end goal changing, evolving, being in constant flux. We need to be ok with the fact that our goals, needs, wants change from day to day. What seems like a fantastic future today, may be trumped by another tomorrow.

You always hear about living in the “now”, of being “present”. I think this is essential, as while you’re working towards your goals that always change, you make the best of what you have right now. Find joy in the things that may seem pointless, boring, tedious, etc., on your path right now, so that you can become the spiritual person you envision in the future.

We need to be actively involved, enveloped, engrossed in the work that is put in now, in order to forge those strong connections through our actions, through our work. See through your inner child’s eyes when you discover something new in your practice, when you experience something you haven’t before. Be that child that would spend hours drawing, or singing, or dancing, all for the sake of doing it, of creating, for the love of it, and for becoming better at it.

In the past few years, all my goals have changed, over and over again. As children we’re asked what we want to be when we grow up, and then we must focus all our energy getting there. Well, we aren’t who we were as children. We become more and more complex as we age, layer upon layer of what it means to be ourselves is added, and brings its own influence. I think the ultimate goal is to just be a better person than we are now. Be a better spiritual person than we are now, adding as we walk along this path. Continue to figure out what is important to us and work with those things.

I think people just need to remember not to hold on too tightly to ideas and fantasies that are just simply not meant for who we are in this lifetime. The Gods will let us know which way to turn as we walk along our paths with Them. Just keep your heart open and They will show you. Be fluid, and enjoy the learning of your true self along the way.

2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – J is for finding Joy in the Journey

  1. I get so caught up in end goals it’s slightly crazy. I get tunnel vision: I see something I want and focus only on that, forgetting the here and now. This is happening with a move I’m about to make. I’m so focused on getting there and getting to be with my guy permanently, that I sometimes forget to enjoy what’s going on now. I’m trying to be better about that though šŸ™‚


    • Yep, right there with you! The grass always seems greener, that’s for sure.
      Always focusing on what’s coming doesn’t allow for getting there in the best possible way I think, and also probably hinders how good the end result is.


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