Pagan Blog Project – H is for Hagalaz


pronunciation: “hag-all-az”

Hail, or hailstone.

When Hagalaz shows up in a reading, a drastic change is about to happen. There’s about to be destruction, and the tearing down of things in your life in order to purge the things you don’t need and that are probably holding you back. This rune is all about changes for the better, enduring a bit of momentary strife and be transformed. Hail falls to the earth as hard, destructive pieces of ice, only to melt shortly after, providing the earth with essential water; killing some of the growth to make way for the new.
There is usually a lesson that must be learned when Hagalaz wreaks havoc in your life, not unlike the Tower card of the tarot.

Converse (sideways; this rune cannot be merkstave, or upside-down)
When Hagalaz presents as converse, as you can probably guess, it represents stagnation, loss, pain, illness, hardships, suffering. You could be refusing to see the lesson you should be learning right now.

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