New Year

Ah, another new Gregorian year. I always feel more push with the Gregorian new year because everyone else does. There’s much floating around about change and renewal, resolutions most of us will never stick to.

What am I looking forward to in 2013? Moving, in fact I’m already starting to plan for that, which I suppose isn’t too horrendous a thought as it’s only 4-5 months away, and the first few months of the year always seem to move fast and slow at the same time for me. Fast because my birthday is not too far off, and slow because it’s an ebbing time of year for me.
I am also greatly looking forward to having a garden again! I will be having pretty flower gardens where the flower beds are already there for it, and in the back yard, a nice edible garden! I’m considering having my herbs in pots… but we shall see. Along with the gardening, there will be mead/cider making, canning of salsa, tomato sauce, pesto, jams, and probably the making of some flavoured liquers and tinctures, drying of things for storage… I’m going to get properly garden witchy this summer, as this is something I have sorely missed while living in Vancouver and not having a yard to sink my fingers into.
I also plan to get myself a field guide and go wildcrafting too! I need to grow and make things, work with plant and tree; get to know the place I have called home for most of my life. I foresee a bike in the future 🙂

I don’t know if I will do it this year as the wedding season will be starting only very shortly after getting there (I could offer to friends however), but I would like to actually start up my wedding ceremony singing thing, I will have to find some competent accompanists though, so that will also take up time.

And, of course, continue with Dan and my YouTube show, Stuff And Things. We are hoping to build a new computer capable of handling all the editing and such that goes with it when we get back to Ontario, so hopefully things will be looking much nicer, lol. Since our laptop spent so much time without being able to charge, we think it killed some of its juice because it certainly does not want to record well anymore!

So these are the whittled list of things I want to tackle in 2013; what about you? What things do you want to do or accomplish this year? What things have you already figured out will be too much with what’s already on your plate? I find this the hardest thing, but it’s nice to have a smaller list of things you’d like to do that you can really focus on. I expect my summer will be full of the doing, and my winter full of the thinking.


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