The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune – Linda Ravenscroft

After spending much time in quiet introspection, the Fool finally makes it out into the world again, slowly pulled as if starting at the bottom of the wheel, upwards to the top, into the warm sunshine to rest there. It is a time of great change now for the Fool, thought as he heads back into the world, he does not expect to encounter the changes.

Along his path, he continually encounters good fortune; a woman at a watermill offers him a drink of water within a golden chalice, she then tells the Fool to keep it. On his way again, he encounters a swordsman wielding a blade the Fool admires, the swordsman then gifts the Fool with the blade. Further down this fortunate path, the Fool at last comes upon a merchant sitting in a carriage. From above the carriage’s wheel, the merchant tells the Fool that he is the tenth person to pass him by, and that because of his own good fortune, he was to present the tenth passer-by with a sack of gold. The Fool accepts the gold, and is astounded by his incredible luck on this day.

When this card is shown, all the good deeds and hard work seems to be paid back many fold. One could say you’ve accumulated much good Karma, and now is the time to receive the rewards. It is also a time to ponder if what the wheel is granting you on your journey is luck or destiny. Don’t be afraid to accept these changes, revel in the excitement.
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