My favourite beauty item right now

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So, I talked to a Trad-mate at Beltaine a few weeks ago, and she told me that she washes her hair with baking soda, and “conditions” with apple-cider vinegar (only once or twice a week for the acv). So, I decided I wanted to try it out for myself. I had asked her how long it took for her hair to get used to it, and she told me about a week. When I first used it, it was awesome. The first week was amazing. I didn’t have any “greasy” days at all, except for the one time I didn’t scrub my scalp long enough, and even then, it wasn’t awful. My hair feels amazing, smoother, thicker (which is amazing, because I have super thick hair anyway). I feel like what’s happening is that the baking soda doesn’t take out as much of the moisture and natural oils as shampooing your hair does; when I would leave my hair for two days on the ‘poo, it would be oily by the second day, but on baking soda, it’s absolutely fine the next day if I haven’t been able to find time for a shower.

Then, THEN! I washed my face with it.

ACV works well as a cleanser, but the baking soda is fracking amazing! My skin isn’t producing a ridiculous amount of oil anymore, and it feels soft and healthy! I use it on problem spots on my body as well (on my back and chest), it’s just so gentle feeling, but does an amazing job.

Now, here is where I’m making the “mundane” magical… it’s salt. Salt is the purest form of Earth. When I cleanse with it, I am really purifying myself with it, using this salt to take away the physical and spiritual/emotional/mental impurities with it down the drain.

This is a concept that’s in the front of my mind right now… realizing that everyday things are magical things too. What are some things that you do that are magical to you, but may look like “normal” things to others?

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