New Year, New You – Some Enchanted Evening

So I’ve been away from the blog, why?? Because I’ve been working my butt off transcribing! Yay! Business was picking up quite a bit in February, and has been pretty steady since, giving us a couple hundred bucks a month so far, woooooot! That has been good as my love lost his job in January.

So… as far as magics… during the last full moon (about two weeks ago), I conjured up my circle, called the Quarters, and my patron Gods, asked them for their help, performed some spells, got my prosperity oil all over stuff, ate with the Gods, bid them farewell, sent the Quarters away, and took down my circle. The next Tuesday, my love had two phone calls for job interviews. He started work this week. I’m still working steadily, a few long-term customers, and one, I’m not even doing much transcription right now…

I am blessed.

3 thoughts on “New Year, New You – Some Enchanted Evening

    • Well, I’ve been doing it on Fiverr… looked into some other sites like Scribie and such, but they pay peanuts, and have horrible audio quality that makes you spend so much longer on each file. And yes, it is great news 🙂


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