Norse Runes – Thurisaz

Thurisaz (pronounced: “thoor-eez-aahs”)

Thor, or his hammer, Mjölnir, Thurses (giants), monster, devil or thorn

Magical power, warnings, temptation, chaos, masculine aggressiveness, eroticism, baneful to women, conflicts, disputes, the need to fight against close-mindedness.
When this rune turns up in a casting, it warns of a time when you will be tempted to make a deal with the devil; to gain by dishonest means. There is temptation to be dishonest or disloyal.
It can also mean a battle of wills internally with your unconscious self, being unwilling to expand your consciousness, accept new ideas or ways of thought, or could also mean battles with anger and lust.
There is much willingness to accept illusion for the real thing, to be bound by it, sometimes by fear. It is a time when you must fight to employ wisdom and your conscious mind and win this battle. Though Thurisaz is seen as a thorn, it can be seen as a symbolic weapon, giving you the ability to slash and tear, or build a protective hedge of thorns. With the ability to protect and fight for oneself, the weapon can aid in breaking down  the difficult fear and doubt, like rocky earth, to make way for more a more fertile field able to provide new seeds  what they need to grow well.
You must believe in your own ability to fight now, to be strong and wise, to not give in to your doubting, fearful unconscious.

When Thurisaz appears upside-down, the aggression/temptation/conflict isn’t major, the fight is soon to be won.

A sideways Thurisaz shows that some source of conflict is masking as something good. Be wary.

Magical Purposes:
Thurisaz is generally not a rune employed in magics as it allows for great power, but also great chaotic destructiveness. Women, especially, shouldn’t employ the rune as the aggressiveness is of a masculine variety.

Thor, Mjölnir, bright red, fire, masculine, Sapphire, 3, Blackthorn, Houseleek, Mars.

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