The Return of the Sun

So, as you can most likely tell by my recent posts made very close to each other, I am done school! Wee!! I only have one semester left to get the Diploma, but it will have to wait a year as we are broke! Which is fine, I could use the rest and time to work on the self as I have said before. I’m not feeling as hostile about school anymore because I realize a lot of it was because I was so tired from being silly and not taking vitamin b12. Sigh. Sometimes we can be not so nice to ourselves.

I believe I haven’t mentioned this before, but in September, I began taking a Wicca 101 class with a local group. It’s been great, even though we’ve had to move classes here and there because of business and illnesses (I was sick twice this fall!). I was invited to a Yule celebration this past Saturday night, and I must say, I always thought I’d be better off on my own, but I loooove group ritual. I’m glad as I get older, my inhibitions about things seem to go away. I find myself feeling more unafraid about reaching out when I am really interested in something, which is awesome, because I end up getting to do things and speak with people about the things I am passionate about. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t ever hold my own solitary rituals and do solitary magic, nor do I think either are not as powerful as with a group. When you’re on your own, you only need to depend on yourself, and your will is very focused, but I see that in group, you get the wills of people who care about you and want to help you if you need to do a working in group.

I am so very excited for the future, for rest, growth. I am giving myself a couple weeks to just do nothing, sleep, eat delicious foods, perhaps make more meads?? I’m slowly running out, and I’m going to be hosting a little mead making party with some friends from school, lol. They will be trying mead for the first time (except one who’s had it in a metal bar in Germany, yep, she’s a metal head), and I’m excited to share something so delicious with them. I wish the meads were a bit more aged, but they’re still pretty tastey! In fact, honestly, they’re the tastiest alcoholic drinks I’ve ever had. I’m a complete convert, and so is my man, who doesn’t usually go for the sweeter drinks!

Anywho, as a last little aside for today, I have begun reading the Change series by S.M. Stirling (you can click on the book link in the sidebar to the right). I am absolutely loving it! It’s so gritty and realistic, I find myself believing the Change has already happened when I bring my nose out of the book, and needing a moment to adjust. My man and his brother have read the books and loved them, and the lady who’s running the Wicca 101 has read them and loved them, I kept on hearing all about them from all directions, and my man placed a hold on the book in the library and just picked it up for me last week, telling me I’m going to read it, lol. I must say, even though I’ve not read an incredible amount of it, I really appreciate how genuinely human the witches are portrayed. There’s no hoo-haa-ing about, “look at me!” sort of attitudes. It’s treated with validity and sincerity, and things are explained in a way that people who don’t really know much about Wicca or Paganism and witchcraft are having components gently explained while also being just shown by the characters what goes on, which makes those who either know about Wicca/Paganism/witchcraft or are a Wiccan/Pagan/Witch not feel as though the writer is giving us a 101 book, being guided by the hand. I will probably end up devouring these books within a short period of time, lol.

Anywho, happy Solstice to all!! A Yippee Yule if I don’t talk to you tomorrow!! May the return of the Sun bring warmth and hope to your soul.

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