Nummy foods for a headachey day

So I’ve been suffering from a really nasty headache for the last two days that has kept me at home in bed. Today, I got my man to get me some magnesium (I did some research online about headache causes, and it seems like I might not be getting enough magnesium, which means that my body may not be keeping enough potassium to keep me hydrated), I took some at lunch and there hasn’t been any return of the headache! Yay! Not that I think that’s that, but we shall see!
Anywho, so it turned into a “let’s make butternut squash soup and grilled cheese supper!” day 🙂 So here are some pics of lovely foods.

(Also baked the butternut squash seeds for a snack before supper!)


4 thoughts on “Nummy foods for a headachey day

    • I hope it helps! I love how much information is on the internet! However, if things got really bad, I’d make a stop at the hospital, lol. I just like to try out a few, non-expensive prescription things before bothering with more potent drugs. The soup is wonderful, I got the recipe here (like everything else!).


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