Windflowers by Waterhouse

Dates: August 23 – September 23

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Virgins in Mythology:
The Virgin Mary (Christian), Hestia/Vesta (Greek/Roman), Anat (Ugarit), Artemis/Diana (Greek/Roman), Astraea (Greek), Athena/Minerva (Greek/Roman), Electryone (Greek), Bona Dea (Roman), Fulla/Volla (Norse), Cavillace (Incan), Umay (Turkish), Gefjon (Norse), Devana (Slavic), Hecate (Greek).

Characteristics of a Virgo:
Analytical, precise, observant, reliable, helpful, reserved, conscientious, concerned with health, detail oriented, industrious. Virgos are those who wish to do their jobs well, no matter what the task, no detail is too small for them. They are intellectually inclined, and while they may appear calm on the outside, their wheels in their brains are constantly whirring. They have a thirst for knowledge, yet are also quite idealistic. They seek constant improvement in their surroundings, including the people around them, and within themselves.

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