Norse Runes – Fehu

Thought it would be nice to have a new segment for the blog! Especially for those days  in the coming school year when I have no want to write off the top of my head! Which will most likely be often, lol. Le sigh.

So the new segment is all about the Nordic runes!

The first rune in the Elder Futhark runes is:
Fehu, Fe, Feh, Feoh, Faihu, Feo
(we generally pronounce it: “fay-who”)

The word literally translates to cattle, money and wealth. In ancient times, cattle was equated with wealth. Nowadays, it represents tangible wealth such as money and possessions.

When casting the runes, if you happen to get an upright Fehu rune, it means that there is an abundance in your life, a wealth. This could mean different things to different people. For some, it is monetary, for others, spiritual, and for others yet, it may be that they have a comfortable place to live, food in their bellies, and no actual need for money.
It indicates a time of plenty, of success, happiness and hope. Wealth won or earned.
It, being the first in the runic sequence, also shows a time of new beginnings, getting rid of the more stagnant old to make way for the better new. With this, fertility and creation is also associated. There is also foresight and the ability to see that sharing the wealth, compassion, aids to keep our lives abundant.

When this rune is cast and it is upside down, or “merkstave”, it shows that this is a time where there is some sort of failure. There could be a loss of “wealth”, a loss of something that is important to you, that you’ve put much energy and time into. There is also greed, cowardice, poverty, lack of intelligence. Being bound to the material world (or the things you find wealth in). Bad luck, wasting what you have, lack of control in one’s life, and an obstacle one must overcome to become fertile again within one’s life.

Converse (sideways):
When this rune shows up sideways, it shows that the abundance/wealth is hidden from you at this time. It is being withheld.

Magical Purposes:
Abundant harvests (whether physically: farming, gardening, pregnancy, or spiritually), money, wealth, luck, prosperity, energy, charisma, power and control.

The number 1, Frey, red, Aries, fire, Elder tree, stinging nettle, gold.

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