An Update on Homemade Deodorant

LOVE IT! My pits didn’t stink at all today, in fact, they just smelled like my baths (as I use the same blend of oils, more or less, in my baths). There was not a trace of stinky pit smell whatsoever, so that made me really happy!

However, on a lot of the blogs that I’ve read, they’ve said there can be a rash that happens right away or about two weeks into using it. Well, my pits were red, but not painful at all. Last summer I tried using those salt crystal balls as deodorant, and my pits hated me! I have generally sensitive everything, so it’s difficult to find things that don’t bother my skin. Anywho, I will keep using it, and let you know how it goes!! 🙂 Have a wonderful night, my lovelies!!


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