An update on being healthy

So, unfortunately I do not have a scale to see what my progress is, but then again, everyone’s body gains and loses weight differently. Also, weight, or the number isn’t that big of a deal to me, what is is actually being healthy and active instead of sitting around on my ass all day, lol.

It’s been going well. Logging in all my food and having a set limit of how many calories I can eat in a day really helps me keep on track that way. I know I have a problem with boredom snacking… as most of us probably do. I’m sitting in front of the computer, hm, a snack would be good. I’m watching tv, hm, a snack would definitely be good, lol. I’m not going to stop eating the things I love, no way! But I am going to be more moderate in what I eat, and that’s been working quite well so far. Depriving yourself of the things you love to eat just leads to binge eating down the road, and I don’t wanna go there and feel shitty about myself, 😛

What’s going well for me so far is the fact that I’m making myself exercise everyday. I take a shower everyday, so although I don’t like to sweat and feel gross, I can remedy that shortly after working out! My fave thing so far to do: jumping jacks, lol. I kid you not, those work out everything!!! I was sore for about 4 days after doing it for a half hour one day! Every muscle was aching, and it was good!

I plan on keeping this going, as I don’t want to be unhealthy and give myself complications down the road that stem from being overweight and inactive. However, if there’s a day where I feel like I just wanna laze around and eat everything in sight, I won’t get too upset over it either. There’s too many delicious foods to eat to deprive myself forever 😛


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