Making Healthy the Physical Body

So, after seeing Sparrow of the Wigglian Way on Twitter having posts up about weight loss and excercising from this interesting site, I decided to go check it out. It’s called Lose it! And it’s not much different from other sites out there, but it’s free, which is nice, lol. You put in what you’ve eaten and what you’ve done for exercise.

After being in this weight/body image battle for too long, I know that what I want most is to be healthy and be able to live a long life that is mostly without any health issues, and weight plays a lot in that. Sure it would be great to look like a model, actually, not really, they have no boobs or curves, and I like being curvy and feminine, thanks! Lol. It’s just a lot of realizing that I need to be active everyday, I need to get my ass up out of this chair and go do. I wish I was the way I was when I was young, I was never in the house, always mucking about in the forests alone or with my sister. There weren’t too many days sitting in front of any sort of screen, just, “hey mom, can I go outside yet?” attitude.

Anyway, I thought this was appropriate for my pagan blog, and I’ll tell you why. I think that it is imperative that we be healthy in body and mind. I have a lot of hesitation for doing things I want to do, and it’s mainly based on body issues. Don’t you hate how twisted modern media has made body image for us girls?? Yeah, it sucks. But I’m not going to sit here and be whiny about it, no. I’m going to finally do something about it. I find as I get older, and perhaps, perhaps, a bit wiser, I’m not satisfied with letting myself just sit here wasting life, and sitting here getting unhealthier because I’m not active. I’m not one of those lucky few (like my boyfriend, urg!!) who has an awesome metabolism and is naturally thin. I wish! Lol. Then I would probably eat more junk food, so maybe it’s a good thing I’m not! Anywho, the pagan side… jeez, I get off track fast!
It may be a Christian saying, but our bodies are our temples. All that we believe in, love, hate is carried within us, and if we don’t take care of ourselves, then there will be no ability to be able to live this life in any sort of spiritual way, never mind at all, because we will have basically killed ourselves.

Sorry to put this little rant on ya, lol. But I’m excited. I feel motivated (as often I do in the summer!). I’m happy that I’m finally trying to take care of myself and be healthy. Mind you, other than not exercising, I really don’t eat a whole lot that’s bad for me, in fact, fried foods make me nauseous! Lol.

Hope you are all healthy and happy!


4 thoughts on “Making Healthy the Physical Body

  1. *applause*

    Great post! I too, was inspired by Sparrow’s tweet yesterday. I hit my yoga mat right after I saw it. I’m re-committing to moving more now too.


    • Thanks 😀 Yes, it just feels like it will be most beneficial to be physically healthy. I hate having “I feel fat” days, lol. Thankfully, living in Vancouver means that it’s not too cold in the winter, so I can still move around outside then too! Yay! Go us 🙂


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