Feeling Crafty

I’ve been a bit bored, and a bit saddened by the bareness of my walls and lack of any sort of decoration being done since we moved to BC. So today, I went to Martha Stewart, lol, yes I did! I got the idea for the bird on twigs from her site, then decided to do something for my living room area wall. And the result was a silhouetted chrysanthemum. I searched for an image online that someone had created with an illustrator, and copied down in my little book, then cut out the parts accordingly.
And at the end is a picture of the little pieces of moss I picked up last month outside my door after a rain. Aren’t they cute? 🙂

I will also have you know, that I baked some bread as well today! Mmm… and I’m just going to put the chicken in the oven. I’ve been a busy bee. Makes sense as my actual name means honey bee 😉

And I think it might start thundering! 🙂

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