It’s been a while since I’ve written about the tarot, and I feel like now’s a good time to write about Justice.

This card is an interesting one in terms of its placement in the deck. It varies between being the 8th card and the 11th.
In this card, the Fool, while sitting uncertainly at a crossroads, sees a blind wise woman listening to two brothers make their case. The rich brother has come into an inheritance which the poor brother feels he is entitled to because he is worse off. The rich brother thinks that because the  money was given the whole inheritance, it is rightfully his.
The wise woman decides to grant each brother with half of the inheritance. The brothers are both unhappy with the end result, which the Fool agrees with the wise woman, is quite fair. The woman tells the Fool that although they are dissatisfied now, the poor brother would have enough money to see his needs met and the rich brother would stop being wasteful.

When you pull this card in a spread, it means that now is the time for decisions. You need to consider all the details that are influencing the need for this decision. However, sometimes the decision needs to be approached by ourselves, and sometimes we are still waiting for the proper circumstances to happen to push us to a decision.
We also need to consider the balance that this card shows us. Everything in moderation. Now is also the time to be logical, to take emotion out of the equation for a minute to think about what is best at this moment. Of course, it can always mean legal issues, partnerships, etc. The outcome won’t take into account feelings, but deal out what is needed, what is fair.


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