Food Poisoning Sucks

So I ate something I’ve never tried yesterday that was seafood flavoured and quite heavy on the spice. Well, during the night, I kept on waking up with horrible abdominal cramps… needless to say, it was quite exhausting and weakened me quite a bit so I stayed home today. Sigh. I find it funny that I miss school when I’m not there, not just for my friends, but for actually learning. In high school and before, that would never happen! Lol. I guess I’m taking the right course then, wouldn’t you say?

So I had a nice nap in the afternoon after the man left for work, then I made some tuna noodles (I know, I go right in for the seafood again, but it’s just canned tuna, and I’ve never been sick from that, in fact, this is the first time food has ever done this to me!) and watched Fantasia 2000. Aaah, how I love the Rhapsody in Blue segment!! And the last segment… Firebird! If that isn’t pagan at all, I don’t know what is! First we see a beautiful, snow covered forest, then a stag walking through… he breaths life to an earth spirit who brings spring to the land. Then she goes up the mountain to find her powers don’t seem to work there, ends up waking the Firebird who rains destruction on the land, bursting into a volcano consuming the entire forest, and lastly, consumes the earth spirit. Somehow, the stag survived, and he finds her remains among the ashes, breaths her to life again for her to bring life once more to the land. It’s quite beautiful imagery if I do say so!

I enjoy watching all these children’s films that I loved as a child now because I pick up so much from them that I had no clue about before, which, thanks to the writers, is there for adults to enjoy when they have kids who like to watch this stuff over and over, lol. I also find, and maybe this is just my perspective because of being pagan, but most everything seems pagan to me. I’m not talking about silly popular media (not a fan of the modern music scene, I tell ya!), but everything else. Maybe perhaps not stark, glass covered steel buildings, but things to me lately seem so tangible, so physical and so connected to spirit. Even without people minding this at all, I see it everywhere, in people’s flora covered lawns, the ceremonies of celebration and mourning. I don’t know, maybe all I’m viewing is what it is to be human. There’s a rawness to it that seems to transcend religion, language and nationality.


2 thoughts on “Food Poisoning Sucks

  1. I hope you feel better soon! What a lovely post as well. I adore the Fantasia piece that you wrote about! There are many pagan references in Disney movies and I love how subtle they are – all the more magical when we spot them. 🙂


    • Thank you very much! I am feeling much better today, thank the gods!
      I agree, I’ve been getting more of them so I can re-watch them and pick up on pagan things that I had no clue about when I was a child. Not to mention the great jokes they put in there that are clearly for adults lol!


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