Dreaming of Green

It’s not even the new year yet, and I’m thinking about gardening! I’ve been perusing the internets, looking at those nifty AeroGardens, alas, they are much too expensive for a student such as meself, and apparently for best results, you should continue buying their seed packets and parts. So… I was looking into alternatives, and have found a few.

Basically, there are aero ponics (which is what the AeroGarden is), and hydroponics. I know this is totally gonna make me sound like I’m going to grow the sticky icky, alas, I assure you, I will not be growing the sticky icky, lol (I really don’t want any trouble with the law, thank you very much!). So, both ways are soil-less; aeroponics suspends the roots in air (hence, “aero) and you have a mister spraying the roots with nutrients and such, and give occasional breaks to the roots of being misted; then there’s hydroponics which suspends the roots in water (hence “hydro”), and you just make sure that you have a way of getting oxygen in the water, basically a fish tank aerator.

This is a basic image of what aeroponic gardening would look like:

And here is what a hydroponics system would look like:


So, have any of you tried any of these methods… or have other methods to share? From all the reading I’ve done, these seem to produce more yield because the roots are directly getting the nutrients and such, and from all the pretty pictures and videos of beautiful greenery, I think it might be a good thing to check out! Right now, I’m just going to start my seeds in a tray, and make sure I have a lamp on them so they get enough light (cuz in a basement apartment with not a lot of light, I don’t want my plant babies dying on me!). Then, when they’re about ready to be transplanted, I’ll figure out which kind of ponics I’ll go with, lol. That just made me think of “hooked on phonics” 😀

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