The Chariot

The Fool is now entering a period where he’s battling something. There are enemies blocking his path, whether it’s his own mind, other humans or the circumstances he finds himself in. Coming up to him is a strong, victorious looking charioteer. He questions him on the best way to beat an enemy, and the charioteer replies, “You musn’t swim towards the shore when the sea is raging, you need to swim parallel to the shore so that you will come upon it diagonally, otherwise you will expend all your energy and drown, you must also fight diagonally in the chariot.” He continues to say that he must come up alongside his enemy, balancing the light and dark, that it is he who is in control of his victory.

This card shows us that there must be complete confidence in your cause when fighting your battle, that your victory is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new chapter in life. Obviously, this card shows there is a war in your life at the moment, but a difficult victory in the end. This card shows both dark and light elements (Sun & Moon), a combination of opposites, when this card is pulled in a spread, it shows that these opposites with pull you in different directions (emotions, circumstances, needs, wants), and that you need to bring them together, to hold control over them to bring harmony to your war. This situation calls for lots of confidence and motivation.


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