The Lovers

The Fool continues on his journey and comes to a crossroads, his confidence has been restored by the Hierophant, and he knows his purpose and exactly what he wants. He would continue his trek, however he stops dead in his tracks. There is a woman standing under a fruit tree in between the two roads. He is instantly struck by this shocking, almost painful feeling of a strange recognition of her. He speaks with her and continues to be more and more entranced, and realizes she feels the same way. He knows that it would be dangerous to bring her along on his journey, but he cannot imagine being without her. Though he planned to follow the path of the fruit tree, he now chooses a completely different path with her at his side.

When pulling this card in a spread there is much love, romance and passion going on in the Querent’s romantic relationships, or even a reconnect and revitalization with their relationship with themselves. Past emotional bruises and issues have been resolved and there is a new balance, it is time for a new phase in the person’s life. This card can also mean that you have come to a crossroads in your life. It will be a time where you need to take your time making your decision, and either way, the answer will not be black or white, instead a shade of gray. This card can sometimes mean that we need to take stock of our lives and current situations to make sure that how we live reflects how we feel in our hearts and what we value.


  1. Aeclectic
  2. Discover the Meaning of Tarot 

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