The Hierophant

The Fool continues on his journey, but has now been struck down by fear and doubt. Is his idea going to work? What if all he’s worked for is taken or lost? What if it all is just not good enough?

The Fool, in his panic, finds himself visiting a holy place to find some peace from these fears and doubts. He sees the Hierophant, and asks him how to overcome his negative thoughts. The Hierophant tells him that he must either abandon all that he fears to lose in order for it to hold no power over him, or realize that he will still have the experience and new knowledge if what he fears comes to pass.

When you pull the Hierophant in a spread, the spiritual is being brought down to earth, peace and harmony is being strived for. With the mix of spirituality and earth, the focus is on education, religion, marriage. He may appear in your life as a mentor of some sort, someone who you really respect and look up to.

Whether or not the Hierophant physically manifests as a mentor in your life, the focus is on learning, gaining knowledge, and knowing that whether or not we lose what we’ve worked for, we have the experiences and lessons learned from what we’ve accomplished.


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4 thoughts on “The Hierophant

  1. Thank you for that refreshing interpretation of the Heirophant card. The deck I choose to work with seems to focus more on the negativity of this card rather than its positive influences (can be conflicting for me…) Thanks for the new point of view!


    • Are you working from a book with the deck?
      For me, the negative aspects of cards pop up when they are in reverse. I find that each
      person has a different take on how they read their cards, and I feel that before I read
      the meanings of each card, I take from the images the meanings that make sense to
      In some decks, this card isn’t called the Hierophant, it’s called something along the lines
      of “teacher”, and I like that. The imagery is different so that it resonates with us in modern
      Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂


      • I use the Robin Wood deck (which I love) and the Hierophant card seems so severe. I usually don’t work with the book as I prefer use my intuition along with the portions of the images that pop out at me. Maybe I’ll write in “teacher” and draw little mustaches on everyone to lighten the mood a bit :).


        • Oooh! I love the Robin Wood deck, I would love to get it one day! 🙂
          Mmm, I totally agree, in the traditional imagery, we see the Hierophant as severe, cold even.
          But in the times when the first tarot deck was made, the Priest was the person we went
          to for advice, who helped us along our paths. A lot of us pagans now view Christian anything
          as too aggressive about their religion, so it stands to reason that we would interpret the card
          as something negative because we’ve had negative experiences.
          That’s just my two cents though, lol!

          Ha-ha… yes, the mustaches would look fantabulous! 😀


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