Our Psychological Underworlds

We are human, therefore we are all flawed. We are also animals, therefore we are all primal.
What we can hope for is that we can be the best, most noble person by our own standards possible. When our lives get stagnant, and we have stopped growing and learning and being a part of the world outside our heads, we become animals again. We are setting ourselves up for a major fall into our own underworlds to be broken, then to cocoon ourselves, and to finally break free of our previous selves, thoughts, vices.

The Gods and heroes of old myths and tales are not the only ones who visit underworlds. All of us in our lives encounter moments of deep darkness within ourselves, we encounter moments where we don’t recognize who we are and what we’re doing, it’s like looking at our bodies doing awful things and only able to sit there and watch from afar. This is the moment where we break down and realize we have no clue who we are and experience the end of that cycle, the death of who we were.

It is in this time that we are shut away from the world and the people we love, we are alone and must sort out our thoughts and truly find who we are in this life. We must discover the reason, the precious treasure within ourselves, we need in order to finally start the ascent out of our own underworlds.

Dealing with our darkness is essential, not only if you are Pagan, but just as a human being. It has nothing to do with magic, it has everything to do with understanding your nature, the nature of man. We are all dark creatures in our souls, but learning to accept this and how to work with and channel this darkness properly is the difficult part.

In a magic(k)al context, this is an important part of becoming one with ourselves, or at least trying not to ignore this. It’s all about balance, and it is also about understanding that along with the light, happiness, and love, comes the dark, anger, and violence.

2 thoughts on “Our Psychological Underworlds

  1. These times you describe are the fallow times, when the seed goes into the darkness to wait for germination. Clarissa Pinkola Estés talks about this in depth in “The Creative Fire.”


    • Ooh, another book to check out!
      This post was written on a complete whim, hence not a lot of Googling for nicer terms and such. I have a friend who is going through their own fallow time, and needed to vent without actually discussing it 🙂

      Thank you for your comment, and I am checking out the book on Amazon 😀


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