The Emperor

The Fool happens upon the Emperor. He is a strong, controlled, brave and aggressive man. The Emperor encourages us to take the reins and start leading the way in our own lives, to start managing the skill or idea we have just developed with the Empress. We are given new purpose and direction to lead rather than be led now. The Emperor is the father-figure, also associated with Father Gods in all sorts of different religions.
With the Emperor pulled in a spread, we now see that there is enthusiasm, energy and aggression. The emperor doesn’t beat around the bush and is direct in all he says and does. He is also quite irresistible. We must be aware that there are also some negative qualities we must watch out for; being controlling, demanding, impatient, and acting like a tyrant. He excels in communication involving business, but when it comes to emotions and feelings, there can be the inability to express these.
In the end, it’s a card that makes us question, “Who’s in control?” Whether the control is of your mind, body, spirituality, etc.


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