Of course, when you have kitties, you have to have Catnip! Our dear kitties love kitty weed ;), and it is also a very useful herb in magic(k) as well!

When growing catnip, as long as there are no bruised leaves and you do not transplant it, your cats will ignore the plant completely;

“If you set it, the cats will eat it,
If you sow it, the cats don’t know it.”

Latin Name:
Nepeta Cataria

Parts Used:
Leaf, flowering tops (spike-like)

Herbal Usages:
It is an excellent herb to use when one has a fever; it induces sleep and perspiration without heating the body further.
It is also used as a carminative (expels gas from the stomach or bowels). It should be made as an infusion instead of boiled with water, as boiling will spoil it. Also, if you drink catnip tea regularly, make sure that you don’t drink too much as it is a natural emetic (will make you vomit).

You can extract the juices of leaves into tablespoon doses (taken three times daily) to relieve nervous headaches.

A poultice of catnip will help with bruises and swellings, and ointments made of the bruised leaves will help relieve hemorrhoids.

Feminine; Venus; water; cats; love; happiness.

Magic(k)al Workings:
Cat magic(k), and giving it to your cat for creating a psychic bond goes without saying ;). Warriors used to chew the leaves for fierceness in battle.
It is also used in beauty, happiness and love.

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