We have 47 days left in Ontario before we move to beautiful British Columbia. And as the day draws nearer, I worry more and more that things won’t line up properly for us. Will we have an apartment to move to? Will we be able to have utilities set up right away? Will we have enough money to get what we need (especially a comfy bed!)? Will the man have a job right away?

It also irks me that every apartment building I’ve contacted says they won’t know if they’ll have a unit available until almost mid-June. Then we also have to worry about if they allow pets or not. Arg. I know this post is seeming to be “woe is me”, but I am doing all that I can to be prepared. I have issues (like everyone else), with not knowing if something this huge will turn out ok. It’s not like I have family or friends out there who could help in a pinch. It’s a completely blank slate.

And in that, I’m excited as well. I’m anxious to be having our adventures out there, to get past Ontario (we’ve both only been in Ontario and in the Maritimes), to see mountains, to see the Pacific Ocean, to meet new people and completely shake up our world as we know it, really.

Change is good. If we had stopped changing because we were too scared, then we’d still be primates in the jungles. And while we don’t really change that much physically anymore, we are constantly becoming smarter (though that can’t be said for all :P).


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