Finding Balance

When it comes to being witchy, most people who have no knowledge of the use of magic(k), or the worship of other deities/spirit think that what we do is “evil” and aiding “Satan”. In my life, I have found a lot of people who understand that we are all different and have different beliefs, and it doesn’t make us evil to believe so. And I’ve also found people who think I’m going to the Christian “Hell”, but really don’t care and we still get along great. We live in a time where most people can get along fine because there is such a social disconnect, which also means we can not get along fine in some cases because people are also taught to have no respect for ideas/people who are different than them, but I digress.

The reason why I’m writing this little bit is because I feel that it is imperative that we all find balance in our lives. This simply means, that we need to accept both our light and dark sides; both “white” and “black” magic(k). I don’t like using the terms “white” or “black” as I feel that all magic(k) is magic(k), at different moments in your life, you need different things. To follow a path that only focuses on the “good” stuff is to be in denial that our world has no evil in it, that our world has no darkness. We know this to simply be untrue. All the wars, all the bloodshed, diseases, slavery, abuse, rape; we can clearly see that the world is not all sunshine and lollipops. When something happens to you and you are in a dire situation, it’s ok to accept that you may have to perform a curse on someone, or bind them/send them away.
On the other hand, it is also not healthy to only focus on the darker side of things. This creates such an imbalance within ourselves that our minds become chaos (in both focuses).

Basically, there can be no light without the darkness, and vice versa. When you look at the Wheel of the Year, we see that there is the light half and the dark half. Each needs the other, the summer growth benefits from the dormant winter. The animals store summer harvests to survive the winter. Our reality relies upon a constant balance between these energies, the moon cycles through being full and being new. To acknowledge this is a good start, but to acknowledge that we all have this duality inside of us as well makes us that much more powerful when we perform magic(k), or energy work.
Without duality, we would simply not exist, with only female, or only male, there is no chance of reproducing.


2 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. I agree. I search to find balance everyday, and sometimes I even find it!

    Seriously though, the ebb and flow of energy has to occur to form the balance, light to dark, night to day, summer to winter, and back. We need the rest to have the growth. If you stop the ebb and flow, you are either sitting at “full-go” and you burn out the machine, or you are sitting at “full-stop” and we all become lotus-eaters, sitting, doing nothing, and waste away from attrition.

    Thank you for a lovely post, and I’ll be adding you to my daily stops!


    • Thanks so much, Brea!
      Yay for occasional actually finding balance! Lol, most of the time, the universe gives too much of one thing, and not of the other, and I suppose it’s up to us to decide what we need to do to balance it out for ourselves!

      I muchly agree with the ebb and flow, and the “full-go”/”full-stop” idea. There is not way that we can be up all the time, or down all the time either… life would be much to monotonous, and we probably wouldn’t remember any of it! 😛

      I’ll be taking a lookie at your blog later 😉


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